Ministero della Giustizia – Dipartimento Giustizia Minorile – Ufficio IV

Ministero GiustiziaThe Bureau IV of the Head of Juvenile Justice Department, Study, research and international activities, set up on 16 may 2007 to develop, monitor and orient the study and research area. This is performed with the intense participation in European projects, the exchange of experiences and good practices, the acquisition of new knowledge and their dissemination both at a local national and international level.

Its international features are especially carried out through the active membership to European Crime Prevention Network established with a decision of the EU council of 28 May 2001, whose activities follow the Eu Presidential turnover, as well as through the coordination of the Department’s international activities and the visits of leading personalities and foreign delegations.

This Bureau incorporate also the European Research Centre in Nisida, set up in 2003, with the aim of increasing the knowledge of juvenile delinquency through the organization of international seminars and conferences and the study of the various European judicial systems, juvenile policies and strategies of crime prevention. It Observatory collects information and statistics to enrich the Data Bank on juvenile deviance and analyses the distress conditions causing marginalization and the consequent spreading of juvenile offending. The reviews “Nuove Esperienze di Giustizia Minorile” and “I numeri pensati” will be fruitful instruments of information to enhance the practitioners skills and activities.