Fondazione Giovanni e Francesca Falcone

Fondazione Giovanni e Francesca Falcone(Italy) The “Giovanni e Francesca Falcone” Foundation was constituted in Palermo on the 10th of December 1992.

From 1993, the Italian Government recognized the foundation as a no profit institution devoted to social purposes. according to the Italian legal system, the foundation is an institution requiring an estate destined to social purposes, with the exclusion of any profit activities.

In 1996 the Foundation received the consultative status at the United Nations with ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council).

According to the Statute, the principal aim of the Foundation is to implement initiatives of the highest social interest, such as the promotion of  study, research and cultural and assistance activities in order to promote the development of the anti – mafia culture in the society  and in particular among  young people, as well as the promotion of professional specialization in the investigative and judicial apparatuses committed in the action of prevention and fight against the mafia organized  crime.

In the  social and cultural commitment of the Foundation, a  special attention is reserved to the  pedagogical and educational problem of the youth, trying to realize a real permanent education to legality principles through social and cultural initiatives.

Moreover the Foundation’s aim is  to spur integration and cooperation among the European and international judicial system for a more effective co-ordination among  all the States and the Agencies concerned with the prevention and the repression of the organized crime for a more rapid and contrasting action.

The ways to carry out these  aims are:

    • organizing  meetings, seminars, training and educational courses;
    • preparing, commissioning, printing, editing and spreading  researches and studies publications;
    • establishing scholarships;
    • participating in other Italian or foreign foundations or associations with similar aims.

Since 1992 the Foundation realized many activities which contributed in  increasing its national and international reputation.