Fundació Privada FICAT

Fundació Privada FICAT(Spain) Fundació Privada FICAT has been working in the field of Juvenile Justice since 1995, first as an Association and from year 2000 as a Foundation. The Board (Patronat) is composed by the President, Raquel Prado-Pérez, Lawyer and Associated Professor on Public Law, Antonio Madrid, Secretary of the Law Faculty of the Universitat of the Barcelona and Philosophy of Law Professor and Beatriz Fernandez, Lawer and Managing Director of Fundació ESCO. The organisation Headquarters are in Barcelona and our theam is composed by a number of contracted and volunteer lawyers specialized in the Access to Justice and Social Work areas.
In cooperation with the Justice Department of the Catalan Government in Penitentiary Centres implementing Access to Justice and Recurrence Prevention Programmes. Other activities include: Judicial Advocacy, Migrants Assistance , and Access to Justice Street Law Projects.
Fundació Privada FICAT a working group on Juvenile Crime Prevention and Youth in Conflict with Law Mediaton, leaded by Laura Moreno-Yuste, Project Manager of the Juvenile Justice and Penitentiary Programmes at Fundació Privada FICAT for the last five years, and memebers of social scope and the academy. The aim of this group is the research, and future implementation of innovative programmes that would prevent youth in risk (children of imprissoned parents and migrant unaccompanied minors) form any form of conflict with the law.